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Why Not Iran is a team founded by two outdoor specialists Koohyar Ghafari and Mostafa Mortazavi in 2015. We came up with idea of showing Iran to people from Iran and out side of Iran. We want to show our beautiful country and interesting Iranian culture. We believe Iran was always an underrated country in tourism so decide to show people Iran potential and make difference about Iran’s place in tourism industry. The best way is to combine Iranian culture and nature with a bit taste of adrenaline. The plan is to do something that you just don’t see Iran but you feel it in your heart and experience a local life beside a unforgettable outdoor experience . Why Not Iran is based on ecotourism principles to help Iran grow in the tourism but in a correct way we want to help local businesses and local communities to grow together and both gain equal benefits from tourism in their cities.We are not a tourist trap or big travel agency we are a group of the Hippies, Who are trying to do something to enjoy life and make the best expiration of Iran for our gussets. Our goal is to show Iran’s pristine areas and make sure to do what ever we can to keep them as same way they are now and help the local community to raise their living standard.

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David Mennicken

The guide (Koohyar) is probably the best guide I had in Iran. I did several tours with him. He knows a lot, speaks very good English and is very sociable and funny! I will definitely make more tours with him when I’ll be back in Iran!

Karl Maee

I did two tours with Koohyar and I can say that he was the best tour guide in Iran by far. I like the way he was doing his job. He have good knowledge about his country and he was really easy to talk with. I found that balance between local knowledge and the way he could hold a conversation about anything quit unique.
Sometimes you just see that the person is doing the job he is meant to be doing. 
Why not Iran and Koohyar is the way to go if you looking a tour guide in Iran.

Moonika Apart

I had a great time on our ski trip to Tochal mountains with Koohyar. He was very attentive and took good care of us all. He made sure we were all having a good time and enjoyed our day. It seemed like he was enjoying the day as well which made it even better knowing that he doesn’t do it just because he has to but because he actually wants/likes to. Thanks Koohyar, I hope to do another trip with you one day!

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Why Not Iran
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 2 reviews
by Cyrielle on Why Not Iran

I really adore the tour with him. He speak a good English and he knows a lot of things about Iranian’s culture. The tour was really good and friendly and he is really open minded. If you didn’t had a tour with him yet you definitely have one

by Ula & Grzesiek on Why Not Iran
Awesome tour!

Koohyar definitely knows what he is doing. He can tell you all you need to know about history of Tehran (and Iran as well), will show you both famous landmarks and sites off the beaten path. What we loved was his ability to adapt to our needs - in the middle of our toor there was always time to take a photo, time to grab some snack (oh and he knows where too eat good local food), and yet we saw everything that was to see in time.
Great guide, great person - would recommend him to everyone!